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Part of a quality accident investigation program is properly training for those tasked with investigating after an accident.

This training is geared for beginners, to get a foundation in accident investigation techniques. As skills grow the EHS Center has more advanced accident investigation trainings available in the members section.

This training covers fundamentals of accident investigation such as:

  • the importance of root cause analysis in an investigation;
  • the hierarchy of controls to minimize risk exposure;
  • how to identify “Red Flags” in an investigation.
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Benefits of Accident Investigations

When properly conducted, accident investigations:

  • help prevent future accidents,
  • help you identify and eliminate hazards,
  • expose deficiencies in your processes or equipment,
  • reduce injury and workers compensation costs, and
  • maintain and improve employee morale.

This training can be given to those in your company tasked with conducting an accident investigation, either in a class room environment or as part of a self learning exercise.

Learning Outcomes of Accident Investigation training

  • Broad understanding of accident investigation
  • Robust understanding of accident investigation
  • Readily applicable accident investigation procedures
  • Be able to collect, analyze and communicate data
  • Understanding of strategies to ensure the organization learns from safety failure
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Who can benefit from this accident investigation training?

Managers and supervisors who are responsible for conducting incident investigations will most benefit from this course. The content is also beneficial to workers who have health & safety responsibilities, such as Health & Safety Representatives and First Responders.

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