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Tips for Developing A Successful Emergency/Crisis Management Program

Emergency/Crisis Management Planning needs vary with the industry, type of operations, and regulatory applicability; however, the following guidelines can be used for any situation: WHAT ARE YOUR WORKPLACE HAZARDS? The first step is to Identify vulnerabilities and hazards associated with your operation. No one understands your operation better than you. Ensure that emergency, business continuity,

Is Your Company Prepared for an Emergency?

In case of a fire or other emergency situation, there ought to be an emergency action plan in place to kick in and help employees get to safety. A good emergency action plan which explains what the employees have to do in emergency situations will ensure their safety and wellbeing, resulting in fewer fatalities and

OSHA 3138 Permit Required Confined Space Guidelines

Confined Space Entry is a complex topic to say the least. These entries are different every time even though the same equipment is used each time. The same crew may be utilized as well, however conditions more than likely will differ on each occasion. These could include toxic fumes, gas leaks and reduced oxygen levels.

Whitepaper: FEMA Business Continuity

It’s imperative for companies to have a backup plan for disaster, as no one can really predict when they will strike. Business disasters come in all forms, not always just a natural disaster. Business owners should take steps now to give themselves a better chance to react and reopen quickly. Without a business continuity plan,