Welcome to the Emergency Action Plan

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is designed to aid firefighters and other rescue personnel in case of emergencies.
As per OSHA guidelines, employers are required to maintain a written Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for ____ or more employees.
As a part of an EAP, which of the following is required in every organization to alert occupants of an evacuation?
The company I work for has three worksites. I work on Site 2. Can I refer to the EAP of Site 1?
A company should have at least ______ exit routes for proper evacuation during an emergency.
What action should be taken if an infirmary, clinic, or hospital is not close to your workplace?
It is NOT required for the EAP to include the following:
Potential emergencies to be covered in an emergency action plan may include ______________.
OSHA recommends one “evacuation coordinator” for every _______ employees.
The best way to educate employees about emergency evacuation and safety in the event of a fire is by _______________________.
What action should be taken to ensure the fastest, most accurate accounting of your employees after an evacuation?
When should the EAP be reviewed?
Emergency action plan evacuation policies and procedures, emergency reporting, and alarm systems should be _____.
What action should be taken if an opening could be mistaken for an exit?
In the event of an emergency, your primary responsibility is self-rescue.