powered equipment safety

Welcome to the Forklift Safety quiz

Only employees who are trained and authorized by the company can operate forklifts
Before operating a forklift for the first time each shift, you must
Riders are allowed on forklifts
When driving a forklift you must stay in travel lanes
Pedestrian traffic has the right of way
An employee can charge forklift batteries
Modifications to forklifts must be approved by
When carrying a load, it should be
Before operating a forklift make sure
When going down a ramp
Approximately how many American workers are injured in forklift accidents each year?
Employees cannot operate a forklift when…
The surface on which the forklift is operated should be checked for…
A forklift is said to be “unattended” when the operator is…
Which of the following actions should a forklift operator perform before leaving a forklift unattended?
How should a forklift operator load two objects of different weights on a single forklift?
If you want to check the load capacity of a forklift, you should:
When including attachments to a forklift, the forklift operator should:
A forklift operator is required to undergo refresher training when:
Which of the following information does a forklift nameplate contain?
Select the correct sequence to lower a load with a forklift..(A) Stop the truck and put the mast to vertical position
(B) Move the truck 20 to 30 centimeters away from the stack
(C)Tilt the mast backward to stabilize the load
(D) Lower the load so that its lowest point is 15 to 20 centimeters from the floor
How should a forklift operator approach a load?
In the event of a tip over of a standard, sit-down forklift, what should the forklift operator NOT do?
Forklift operators are not required to observe traffic regulations because forklifts only travel at slow speeds.
The forklift battery charging area should: