A safe workplace shouldn’t just be safe for employees and those that work their regularly, especially if others, contractors, visitors, public, enter your workplace. How to identify the hazards present in a workplace that you’re familiar with, to improve it for others, is very important.

Here are ten simple steps to help you setup the safest workplace for everyone that enters your workplace:

  1. Take a good walk around your workplace.
  2. Stop and close your eyes.
  3. Turn left, turn right, keep your eyes closed.
  4. Open your eyes.
  5. Look around your work space, find a walkway, find the exit.
  6. Think of this as an emergency situation, think visibility is low, think like you’re panicked
  7. Now ask yourself: are there any hazards that I am aware of – in the light of day under normal circumstances – but someone unfamiliar with this premise/yard/site attending during an emergency wouldn’t be able to see?
  8. If you can’t answer that question, try conducting a job site hazard analysis, it may help identify the dangers around your workplace.
  9. If you can answer that question and do see a hazard that could be a potential danger to someone unfamiliar with your premise: fix, change or remove it.
  10. Do this today, do this every time you walk around the workplace.

It really it that simple for improving workplace safety for everyone that enters.