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Retractable Lanyard Training Acknowledgement

With over 40,000 workers injured annually due to fall accidents, falls in the workplace present a major risk for employers and workers. The ideal method of fall prevention is to eliminate all potential fall hazards, but this is not a realistic solution for most workplaces. Fall prevention systems like guard rails and barriers are not

Harness and Lanyard Inspection

As part of a personal fall protection program, employees must be trained on how to inspect the harness and lanyard for safety. This form can be used to train employees for both important inspections performed on all personal fall protection: The “before use” inspection – in which each wearer of fall protection equipment should inspect

Fall Protection Program

Fall protection is often seen as only a construction standard for safety, but it is equally important for general industry employee safety as well. A quality fall protection program is the basis for ensuring employee safety when working at heights, this can include using powered equipment such a scissor lifts or order pickers, or working