Prescription Safety Eyewear Program Case Study

safety glasses case studyThis case study is an example of the product improvement and cost savings  a safety glasses provider(referenced as “Service Provider” for the purposes of this case study) generated for a large automotive supplier (referenced  as “Company A” for the purposes of this case study).

This case study outlines the following information:

Company A Details



Details of Company A Prior Program

Prior Safety Eyewear Program Details

Because each of the 40 plants had their own safety eyewear programs, there were great differences from plant to plant in terms of what was provided to employees, including the following:

Prescription Safety Eyeglass Program Solution: Standardization

When Service Provider implemented a safety eyewear program for Company A, they unified the program across all 40 plants, providing:

To easily manage employee eligibility for new safety glasses, Service Provider initiated their proprietary Eyeglass Eligibility System. Here’s how it worked:

To reduce the administrative time for staff and the safety director at each plant, a standardized billing procedure was created with the following process:


How did Service Provider’s plan help Company A?

Service Provider Program Solution: Savings

Cost Savings Per Pair of Glasses

 Cost Savings Per Year