Volunteer Opportunities

volunteer for a safer workplaceThe EHS Center is seeking volunteers who want to make a difference in workplace safety and make the world a safer place to work. If you’re looking for a challenge that will also boost your career development, a volunteer opportunity at The EHS Center is perfect for you.

Now is the best time for this opportunity, as we are recruiting for various safety committees/panels and research opportunities.

What do I need to do to volunteer?

  • Check this list of volunteer roles at The EHS Center
  • Click on the name of a volunteer role to find out more about it
  • Fill out the relevant form for each of the roles you’re¬†interested in (required fields are marked *)
  • We’ll contact you with more details.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Adopt an Occupation for Safety – People with an industry specific knowledge, that wish to write a safety guide specific to that industry, check out the opportunity here.

Workplace Safety Standards Development Committee – People with a desire to develop voluntary safety standards, to improve workplace safety standards beyond OSHA regulations, but with operational excellence in mind.

Peer Review Committee – Standards developed from committee are submitted for internal peer review, internal or external studies can be peer reviewed as well.