Peer Review Committee

peer reviewed safety standardsThe EHS Center offers professionals the opportunity to share your expertise, network with colleagues and enhance your CV by volunteering with The EHS Center on a Peer Review Committee.

This is a great opportunity for students, mid-level career professionals, executive level professionals, and retired professionals to contribute to the development of great information for the safety community, and potentially bring about change in the workplace.

What does The EHS Center peer review?

  • Safety Standards brought from the Workplace Safety Standards Development Committee: the recommended standards are peer reviewed to ensure they meet the standards of improving workplace standards beyond OSHA regulations, and are possible to implement for a standard workplace, not just a work location specific procedure. Example: standard recommended material handing equipment such as hydraulic lift cart vs robotic lifts. While every workplace would love a robotic lift, but that is a long way off from “standard”.
  • Research articles submitted for internal or external peer review.

Why join the Peer Review Committee?

  • Beyond the prestige associated with service as a peer reviewer, serving on a review committee is a rewarding and enlightening experience that can benefit you in various ways.
  • A great addition to a resume or CV.
  • As a reviewer, you have a treasured opportunity to see pitfalls others face in the workplace, without suffering the consequences of experiencing them yourself.
  • You can also learn firsthand what others are trying to do to improve workplace safety, and seek to implement them in your own workplace.
  • And, though you must protect the integrity of peer review and avoid conflicts of interest, you can get a glimpse of new methods in safety that may stimulate your thoughts and open future opportunities.
  • Think of peer review as an investment: you’re giving something now (time, effort, and energy) in return for something more valuable over time (exposure, experience, connections, and a broader view of your field).

Join a Peer Review Committee