Workplace Safety Standards Development Committee

safety standards committeeMore than 2.3 million people die each year as a result of workplace injuries and diseases, in addition to the over 300 million who sustain non-fatal accidents.

The mission of the Workplace Safety Standards Committee is to promote, adopt, and maintain reasonable and enforceable standards that will ensure a safe and healthful workplace for all.

The Standards Committee’s objective is to adopt reasonable and enforceable standards at least as effective as federal standards.

Safety is more than just OSHA Compliance

Organizations with a successful safety culture go beyond complying with OSHA regulations — holding their businesses to a high standard so they can eliminate risks that cause worker injuries, illnesses and fatalities, and reduce the claims costs and reputation damage spurred by workplace incidents.

When you adopt voluntary safety standards, you can evolve your safety program from a compliance-based cost center into an initiative that improves your organization’s performance and overall sustainability.


While certain regulatory entities like OSHA establish safety standards that are mandated by law, voluntary safety standards are those that organizations choose to implement because of their merit, and their incorporation of the latest industry developments and recognized best practices.

The standards stem from collaboration among professional industry experts, and collaboration with other industry organizations. Together,these professionals can write standards for their workplace, and submit them for peer review to achieve consensus on best practices for addressing certain workplace hazards.

Safety-minded organizations often voluntarily adopt these standards because:
  • They establish or reflect industry best practices
  • They reference the latest state-of-the-art practices and technology
  • They can address gaps when no regulatory standards exist for certain hazards


Who may volunteer for working on the Workplace Safety Standards Development Committee?
  • Any level of safety professional; VPs and Directors, but also entry level professionals. All opinions are valued.
  • Any industry expert; the opinions of operational leaders into safety processes is important to ensuring that safety standards don’t hinder operational excellence.
What is expected of a volunteer on the Workplace Safety Standards Development Committee?
  • Participation in the forum for your committee
What are the benefits of volunteering on the Workplace Safety Standard Development Committee?
  • Being a part of developing safety standards for improving workplace safety.
  • Professional career development, and peer recognition.
  • Networking: working with other career professionals
Current Committee Focus Topics:
  • Automotive Repair
  • Heavy Equipment Repair & Maintenance
  • Warehousing
  • Other: volunteer to lead a committee


Volunteer for Workplace Safety Standards Development Committee