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The Basics of PPE Training

In many countries around the world, it is widely recognized that wearing protective equipment in various working environments is essential to protect the health and safety of workers. This is especially true in hazardous environments such as confined spaces, and in certain industries such as the oil and gas, marine, energy and petrochemical industries. Regardless

How to Persuade Your Staff to Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Let’s face it, people don’t do what they’re supposed to do a lot of the time and there are a variety of reasons. This article shows a practical way of persuading your staff to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To understand the behavior or lack of behavior by other people it is best to first

PPE Sample Policy and Training Certification

OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) has issued numerous safety standards for specific industries, mandating that employers require employees in those industries require employees to use personal protection equipment (PPE) on the job. For instance, hard hats are required in the construction industry as well as the use of fall protection equipment. Some OSHA standards

PPE Selection and Usage Guide

PPE is an important component of workplace safety, as no matter how safe you make the workplace with engineering and administrative controls, there will always remain some hazards. Knowing how to pick the right equipment is important, and choosing the wrong equipment can create an unidentified hazard. After completing your Job Hazard Analysis, and after