old tools hand tool safety quiz

Welcome to your Hand Tool Safety

Plastic covered handles on wire-cutting pliers may be used to cut low-voltage live electrical wire.
When wood splitting, the flat striking face of an axe may be used to strike a wood splitting wedge.
Screwdrivers may be used for purposes other than driving or removing screws, such as prying open can lids.
Vises should always be secured to the workbench with screws.
When tightening a nut with an adjustable wrench, always pull the wrench toward you; never push the wrench away from you.
Safety goggles/glasses should always be worn whenever you are using hand tools.
A screwdriver bit can be reground if it becomes rounded or broken
When handing tools to other people you should:
Chipped or mushroomed heads on steel hammers can be ground down
Hand tools only need to be inspected annually.